Soften your belly to relieve anxiety

High anxiety can be very common in the lives of clients in the Soften Your Bellybeginning stages of therapy. Often the stress generated by their life situation is very overwhelming and clients ask what they can do to get some relief from the constant tension. While effectively treating the source of the anxiety is normally a process done over weeks, there is one technique that I recommend to my clients when much-needed temporary relief is desired in the moment.

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing. Stop, take a deep breath, exhale and feel your abdomen soften. Repeat until you have achieved a jelly-like feeling in your abdomen.

The moment you soften your belly, it becomes nearly impossible to be anxious or upset. As long as you can keep your belly in it’s softened state you will find relief from anxious and aggressive thoughts. Return to tightness in the belly and the old thoughts can return just as quickly.

While not a cure for the source of the pain, this technique provides a great benefit in that it’s a great way to “come up for a breath of fresh air” when feeling overwhelmed. More importantly, this is often the source of strength some need to carry on with their bigger ongoing healing work. Whether this technique is a vital step in your long term growth, or a little tool to find a slice of relief now and then, it’s available to you in just seconds.

Take the challenge, see if you can be anxious or angry while your belly is in a softened state. Ready for the next level? Practice increasing the time that you keep your belly soft, how long can you go?

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