The statistics say that you have a 50/50 shot at staying married. My job is to help you increase your odds of long-term success by investigating, informing, and offering insight on the potential pitfalls of your relationship both now and in the future.

While couples counseling is usually helping to address an existing problem, quality Pre-Marital therapy requires the ability to predict relational patterns, reactions, and outcomes based on each partner’s history and experience with relationships.

Your Family Histories:
How your past will be recreated in you now if you’re not careful. Trust me, it is so much easier and cheaper to deal with past family issues and trauma before getting married, than hiding or minimizing events from the past.

Reviewing your expectations:
Most anxiety is about “Not getting what you want, or wanting what you are not getting” Comparing expectations is a great way to communicate your needs and boundaries before they become contentious.<div>

Communication Development:
Get new tools to help you express even the most sensitive issues. Other areas of review include:

  • How you plan on handling money,
  • Sex,
  • Children

  • In-Laws,
  • Household Workings,
  • Establishing the “Dealbreakers”

These are all very important issues that new couples typically overlook, but can become increasingly important as the relationship grows. In light of the poor success rate for modern marriages, premarital counseling may prove to be the best decision a couple can make – giving them the tools necessary to head off future issues and avoid painful couples counseling.

Generally, we can accomplish this process in 5-6 sessions, some choose to stay and work on issues they discovered during the process, others leave comfortable after covering the basics. Either way, I know that the couple that completes this process leaves with insight on how the past can damage their today, the value of advanced understanding of mutual expectations between you and your partner, how to communicate sensitive needs, wants and desires effectively, and the knowledge that whatever challenge faces your relationship, its better to deal with it, before it deals with you.

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